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Tribal Enrollment Office 



  1. One of the parent(s) must be an enrolled member of the tribe.

  2. Enrollment application needs to be requested, filled out and mailed back with the documents attached. The cover sheet states what is needed.

  3. When the applications are received back, they are thoroughly checked to make sure everything is attached, if incomplete they will be returned for completion.

  4. The applications are presented to the Claims and Legislation Committee for their recommendation and then referred to Tribal Council.

  5. Tribal Council meets monthly on the first Tuesday of every month. Everything concerning enrollments is then presented for their decision. There are two categories for enrollment. The majority vote, which means children born to parents who reside on the reservation and two-thirds (2/3) vote, for individuals born off the reservation, these are voted in by at least 10 of the 15 council members.

  6. Should an individual(s) be disapproved for enrollment then the application can be resubmitted back to the Enrollment Office and presented to the next Tribal Council meeting.


Please give the name(s) of the individual(s) that need to be researched. The date of birth and parents of the individual is very important.

The Enrollment records will be checked to see if the individual(s) are enrolled and the Aberdeen Area Listing is also used to locate an individual(s) who might be enrolled with another tribe, if located then the tribe’s location and address will be given.

Please include your name, address, e-mail address and phone number when requesting research.


The contact person is:

Charlene Anderson, Enrollment Specialist

Rachel Straighthead, Tribal ID Clerk

Monica Jewett, Enrollment Clerk 

Tribal Enrollment

24343 US Hwy 212
PO Box 325
Eagle Butte, South Dakota, 57625

Phone number: 605-964-6612/6613
Fax number: 605-964-6614
E-mail address:


Phone number: 605-964-3044

Tribal ID’s are taken here within our office daily 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday

Documents needed will be, your Social Security Card, so a copy can be made for your file, marriage license or divorce decree to update the current name

Tribal ID’s cost $5.00

Please stop at the Enrollment Office located at the Bureau of Indian Affairs building on Hwy 212 if you are here for a Tribal ID and you will be informed on what to do.

We assist all Tribal members with enrollment applications, certificates of Indian blood, Indian preference for employment, and Tribal I.D. 

CRST Tribal I.D.s are NOW updated with a barcode on the back.

BUT a PHYSICAL ADDRESS is a MUST so you will need to bring in a piece of mail or document that has your PHYSICAL address listed. 

Documents Needed: 

  • A piece of mail with your physical address or document with your physical address

  • A copy of your Social Security Card

  • A copy of your Marriage License or Divorce Decree to update the current name. 

  • If a name change was done through adoption or court order you will have to submit a copy of the order and an Amended State Certified Birth Certificate with the name change. 

​Tribal I.D.s are still $5.00. 

Have any questions or concerns feel free to contact our office and we will assist you.  

Online Enrollment Application Request

Fill out the form and a application will be mailed to you

Thanks for submitting!

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