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District Two 

Tribal Council Representative (1)
Ted Knife, Jr. 

District Council 
Vacant, Chairman 
Vacant, Secretary 


Community Represented by District 2
Red Scaffold 


There are several accounts of how Red Scaffold got its name. Oliver Brown Wolf tells this explanation (Brown Wolf, 1979): “Long ago a band of hunters was traveling from Deer Ears Butte where they had been hunting. As they were traveling, one of the hunters had become sick and died. The dead hunter had a red shawl with him, so the rest of the hunters wrapped him up in the shawl and put him on a funeral scaffold.
Since that time the place where this happened had been call Red Scaffold. The spot where the scaffold stood along Red Scaffold Creek is still marked.


Lantry was named for a family by those names who were early settlers in the community.

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