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District 5

Community Represented by District 5
East Eagle Butte


Tribal Council Representative (4)
Derek Bartlett
Robert "Bob" Walters
Joe Brings Plenty 
Francine Hall

District Council 
Derek Bartlett, Chairman 
Paula Mae High Bear, Secretary 


EAGLE BUTTE: Sidney Keith states that Eagle Butte was so named because Indians used to trap eagles there. He writes, “In the early 30s, and the old man called “Fish Gut,” or Ho Supe. Lived down below that butte, He told that the Ree Indians were catching eagles the old way. They would dig a hole large enough to stand in and they covered it with a brush. They would tie a freshly killed rabbit (to the brush), skin it partly, and the eagles with their sharp eyesight could spot the meat. They would land to get it but it was tied up, so while they struggled to get the meat, the Indian would stick his hand through the opening and grab a leg. They would tie a thong (rope) to their legs because if the eagle grabbed hold of your hand, it wouldn’t let go or it would peck your hand until you let go. Eagles are strong. I guess eagles like that spot (butte) because of the south wind. They can soar without flapping a wing. It is a stopping off place for the eagles in their migration.”


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