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Oyate Connections (Employment & Training)

118 Main Street
P.O. Box 590 Eagle Butte, SD 57625
Office Phone: (605) 964-6415
(605) 964-2909
(605) 964-4233
Office Fax: (605) 964-6416
Arlen Lee, Program Director

Janelle Hollow Horn, Administrative Assistant


The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe has determined that the Indian Employment Training and Related services Demonstration Act of 1992, P.L. 102-477, will be an effective plan to meet the needs of Tribal members and residents, P.L. 102-477 enhances the Tribes' Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy developed in 2002 by the Tribes Planning and Economic Development Office. 




To provide educational, employment, and training opportunities for our tribal members to help them succeed and become self-sufficient.  

Please submit your applications to Oyate Connections

Summer Youth Requests for CRST Programs

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