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New Hours! Starting March 4, 2024
CRST Fitness Center 

ARPA Assistance Information


May 26, 2024
Special District 6 Meeting @ 3:00 PM MST LaPlant UCC Church Guild Hall

May 29, 2024
Say My Name - Remember ME MMIP Walk @ 1:00 PM Upper Elem. School to Old Tribal Building| CRST Family Violence Prevention Services Program 

June 17, 2024
FEMA Emergency Management Overview for Tribal Leadership Course @ 8:00 AM Lakota Cultural Center, Eagle Butte, SD

Tribal Council and Committee Calendar

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

  • No Scheduled Meetings

Thursday, May 23, 2024

  • Roads Committee @ 9:00 AM

       (Dept. of Transporation)

Friday, May 24, 2024

  • Land Committee @ 9:30 AM 

  • Veteran's Affairs Mtg. @ 3:00 PM 

Contact Council Representative's Office for information @

(605) 964-6685 

All meetings will be held at the Cultural Preservation Office conference room unless otherwise specified.


All Tribal Council meetings are held at the Cheyenne River Motel Conference Room or on Livestream

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Kola/Maske Friend! 

Wakpa Waste Oyanke wouspe omnaya tawogmuke el tanyan yahi, ye/yelo. 


Wakpa Waste Oyanke ki makoce wiyute kokta yamni wan el wicoti ki he Wakpa yamni ogna iyaye ca hena wakpala caje wicakupi ki lena e: Mni Sose (Missouri River - muddy water), Wakpa Waste (Cheyenne River - good river), na ahake ki he Hinhan Wakpa (Moreau River - Owl Creek). Wakpa Waste Oyanke ki lehanl makoce wan el wicoti ki he wasicuya South Dakota (Kola Itogaka takiya) eya pi ca Wakpa Waste Oyanke ki cokan wicoti pi lehanl, Mni Sose etan Wiohpiyatakiya. 
Wakpa Waste Oyanke ki hel tiospaye topa oyanke kaga pi na hena lel epi: Mnicoujou, Oohenumpa, Itazipco na Siha Sapa. 

Kola/Maske Friend! 

Welcome to the Official Website of the

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. 


Our Lakota Nation is comprised of over three million acres of beautiful nature with three major waterways including the Missouri River, The Cheyenne River and The Moreau River located in central South Dakota.

The Cheyenne River Reservation is home to the four bands (Tiospaye) of the “Titunwan” People of the Plains: The “Mnicoujou” Planters By The Water, “Oohenumpa” Two Kettle, “Itazipco” Without Bows, and “Siha Sapa” Black Foot.


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