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Land & Natural Resources 

221 H Street
P.O. Box 590
Eagle Butte, SD 57625

Office Phone: (605) 964-8961 / 8962
Office Fax: (605) 964-1153


Carlee Medicine Blanket, Director  
Michon Shaving, Receptionist 
Frank Blue Coat, Range Clerk 

Mervin Hill, Jr., Range Tech
Brady Miller, Range Tech

Services Provided: 

The CRST Land & Natural Resource Office operates mostly under the following Tribal Ordinances: 

Ordinance 71; Grazing 

Ordinance 78: Agricultural (Farm/Pasture) 

Ordinance 81: Home Sites


Program management operations include assisting our Tribal Members with Home Site Applications, Business Site Applications, Easement Proposals, Permit for Improvement Requests, Land Exchange Proposals, Land Sale proposals, Range Unit and Farm/Pasture Management, Fee to Trust process, etc.  

The paperwork/applications received are processed and presented during the monthly Land & Natural Resource Committee meeting and once reviewed, those matters that cannot be approved at Committee level are then forwarded to the Tribal Council for final review and approval. 

We work with the Bureau of Indian Affairs Realty Services, Land Operations Services, and the Bureau of Trust Funds Administration, and other branches, in order to assist our Tribe and our Tribal Membership with their land management needs. 

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