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Wakpá Wasté Counseling Services - Mental Wellness & Addictions (Behavioral Health)

24276 166th St. Airport Rd. 
P.O. Box 590 Eagle Butte, SD 57625

Office Phone: (605) 964-0722
Office Fax: (605) 964-8905 (Mental Health)
(605) 964-1105 (Addiction's)

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Marisa Mendoza, MSW, Director

Mission Statement
The mission of Wakpa Waste Counseling Services is to provide services & education that encourage Mental Wellness and effective Addiction Counseling through an integrated approach. 

Description of Services

Mental Wellness/Counseling Services: Provides mental health services including psychological examinations, individual therapy, family therapy, limited group therapy, and consultation to individuals, families, and institutions such as courts and schools. 

Services Provided: Mental Health Evaluations, Counseling, Anger Management Class, Sensorimotor Therapy, Men's & Women's Support Group, Medication Management, On-Call Risk Assessments, 2 weekly Youth Groups & weekly Groups @ Social Detox. 

Addiction Counseling: The scope of work is to provide substance abuse counseling through specifically designed strategies to all eligible American Indian populations residing on or near the CRST reservation. Service areas include primary prevention services, intervention services, outpatient services, transitional living centers, and collaborations.

Services Provided: Drug & Alcohol Evaluations, One on One Counseling, Outpatient Classes & Aftercare. 

Case Management: Scope of work entails collaboration with area service providers such as IHS, Mental Wellness & Addictions Counselling, school systems, tribal courts, law enforcement systems, social service agencies, treatment facilities, and private sectors. 

Services Provided: Chart reviews, managing referrals from internal programs, external programs, parent involvement, youth patient care, treatment planning, court reports for Adult & Youth cases, and On CAll Risk Assessments. Case managers serve as supplemental support to Behavioral Health Providers and Addiction Counselor in treatment management. 

Halfway House/TLC: The scope of work is to provide a structured, secure, and culturally appropriate environment for eligible male and female participants in order to prepare the individuals to enter residential treatment or to help them transition safely back into society after residential treatment. 

Services Provided: 8 bed residential home for adults who are in the pre or post-treatment cycles. Independent living is encouraged while in the home while attending sober living classes and sessions within the home. Additional services provided are UA/PBT testing for individuals in the DSS, court, or other programs. 

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